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Trish Harris EA, M.B.A  IRS Licensed Enrolled Agent
Nearly 20 years of Tax and Finance 
- Allow me to put my knowledge and experience in Corporate Finance to work in 
  resolving your Business Tax Debt.

- I personally handle every client's case from beginning to end. I'm committed to 
  securing the best possible resolution to your tax problems.

- Let me put my knowledge and experience to work in restoring your CA 
  Suspended Business Entity.

- I will personally handle your case and deal directly with the IRS or state tax agents 
  so you no longer have to.
Body Starts Here
Got Problems with IRS Tax Debt?  Your IRS Tax Relief Starts Here

Trish Harris is an IRS licensed Enrolled Agent and M.B.A who helps individuals and businesses proactively address their tax problems.  Trish Harris EA, M.B.A believes in tackling problems head on, and will personally evaluate your tax problem and determine the best course of action to secure a favorable resolution, enabling you to get a Fresh Start.  

Trish Harris EA, M.B.A goes toe-to-toe with IRS and state tax agencies to defend individual and small business taxpayer rights against unfair tax assessments, wage garnishments, bank account levies, and tax liens.  These aggressive collection tactics are part of the routine procedures for the IRS and State tax agencies in pursuing delinquent tax debts, including those related to unfiled tax returns, suspended business entity, audit examination changes, insufficient tax withholdings, tax deposits, or defaulted installment agreements.

As a licensed tax professional with expertise in federal tax law, IRS collection tactics, and administrative procedures, Trish Harris EA, M.B.A is qualified to serve as a licensed power of attorney for clients facing collection enforcement, and will negotiate directly with the IRS and state tax agencies to address all issues related to the collection action, and secure an agreed resolution.
Committed to Resolving Your Tax Problem To the End

With representation by Trish Harris EA, M.B.A, even the most seriously delinquent taxpayer- who has avoided, ignored, or simply been unable to directly resolve their tax debts with the IRS or state- will see immediate relief from their tax problem, as HTFS works quickly to have levy actions stopped, evaluate their tax liability, and aggressively negotiate a resolution plan to fully resolve their liability.

Trish Harris EA, M.B.A believes taxpayers, the IRS, and state tax agencies are each better served by cooperatively resolving delinquent tax debts.  Unfortunately not every IRS and state tax agent shares this belief.  They have a bias for pursuing tax lien filings, tax levies, and forcing collections by seizure and sale of taxpayer property; they generally will not voluntarily explore possible collection alternatives with unrepresented taxpayers.  
The Harris Tax and Financial Solutions difference
No False Promises

 Here you will get real solutions to your tax problems. Every legally viable collection alternative and defense for which you qualify will be pursued to get the relief you deserve. If your tax problem can not be resolved in your favor, I'll tell you.  I won't take a case I can't successfully resolve.   
Personal Attention

 You get 1-on-1 personal service.  Your case is managed at all times by a licensed IRS tax pro, ready to answer your questions whenever you need.  You will not be passed between case managers, account reps, and other so-called
specialist' while your case is being resolved.  As your designated representative, I will personally handle your case from start to finish. I will be your main point of contact for any questions you may have throughout the duration of your case.
Best Value

Fees are inclusive of all acts and necessary filings to perform the contracted service(s), as specified in the written agreement.  There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES or add-on fees for incidental services.  In general, my fees are significantly lower than my branded competitors, since I don't spend huge marketing dollars, and have limited overhead