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Business Tax Debt Relief and Audit Representation

When it comes to business tax debts, there is a very thin line between the entity's liability and an individual's ultimate responsibility for the payment of taxes and penalties.  While state civil laws under which most entities are formed provide for a separation of business and individual debts, there are tax and revenue codes that attach correlating personal liability to the underlying owners, officers, or other employees acting in specific capacities for the business.

Failure to understand the indirect relationship between the entity's tax and personal liability, leaves your business vulnerable to costly tax assessments, penalties, and puts you at high risk of losing your business and personal property!

With Business Tax Debt Representation by Trish Harris EA, MBA this doesn't have to happen!  

Not only is Trish a licensed Enrolled Agent, but Trish is a former corporate Sr Finance Manager with a depth of knowledge and experience in financial reporting, accounting, business tax payments, and the financial documentation generally accepted by the IRS to substantiate positions taken on business tax returns.  

If you have business tax debt due to Employment Taxes, Income Taxes, or carryover tax liabilities from a previous business start-up, Call Today for a Free Consultation!
  Business Tax Debt Relief includes
  - Form 940/Form 941 Audits
  - Trust Fund Recovery Penalties
  - Late S Corporation Elections
  - 6020B Assessments
  - Income Tax Audits and Appeals
  - Penalty Abatement and Refund Claims
  - Business Installment Agreements
  - Bank Levy & Tax Lien Relief