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IRS Form 4549 : 
Income Tax Examination Changes
Everything You Need to Know About IRS Form 4549 : Why You Shouldn't Sign When You Don't Agree

The first thing you should understand is that IRS Form 4549 is a PROPOSAL of the income tax examination changes the auditor would like to make to your return.  IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THE AUDITOR’S CHANGES, DO NOT SIGN FORM 4549. Signing waives your right to appeal or contest the auditor’s decision, and makes any proposed tax, penalties, or interest immediately due and irreversible.  

It is extremely important that you take IRS Form 4549 very seriously.  It summarizes the proposed changes to items of income, credits, and deductions for the audited tax period, and recalculates the associated tax liability, interest, and applicable penalties.  IRS Form 4549 can be issued at any point in the audit process- including prior to the scheduled audit meeting- if you fail to timely respond to the audit notice, or if the auditor does not accept your documentation as sufficient substantiation. Make No Mistake-  the issuance of IRS Form 4549 signals the first step the IRS must take to change your original tax return and close the audit in the IRS' favor.  

​While you may feel you have no recourse, especially if you felt steamrolled by an overzealous auditor, or found yourself in-over-your-head when dealing directly with the IRS on your own, nothing could be further from the truth.  The fact is, the auditor does not make the final decision, and their interpretation of the facts and information considered in an audit examination is subjective, and can be reversed if appealed or contested.  

If you have received IRS Form 4549 and do not believe the auditor fairly considered your information during the audit examination, you have new information, no records, or weaknesses in your record keeping, contact me today to discuss your options.

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