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IRS Audit Representation and Tax Relief is One Call Away
The RIGHT Representative to Protect Your Interests

Trish Harris EA, MBA is a licensed IRS Enrolled Agent and M.B.A with a very successful track record taking on the IRS.  Trish represents taxpayers in resolving IRS and State tax problems, including tax audits, wage garnishments, bank levy, tax liens, installment agreements, unfiled tax returns, and offers in compromise.   

​You would be naive to believe that the IRS or State doesn't have a targeted agenda in mind for your tax problem, from the first notice of contact.  Each agency has trained professionals that specialize in the specific area of tax for which you are being audited or pursued for collection.  They generally work under the premise that you are 'guilty' of a reporting violation or error, and their aim is to prove it. 

From the list of documents and information they request, to the questions they ask, everything is in accordance with their plan.  Consider this: Would you provide evidence or testify in court without knowing how the information could be used against you?  Of course not!  Yet everyday, well intentioned taxpayers provide information to the IRS and State without no knowledge of their rights, or how the information could be used against them.  THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE.

As an experienced IRS Enrolled Agent, Trish Harris EA, M.B.A knows the hidden agenda of the IRS and State tax agents, and will go toe-to-toe with to protect your rights and get you the tax relief you need.